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Tips to Celebrations with Wine & Champagne

The Final Instalment of Wine Series

Tips to Celebrations with Wine & Champagne

Wine can tells use why champagnes are associated with celebrations and in additional you don’t have to pair white wine with fish and red wine with steaks.

If we talk about Champagne which it usually associated with celebrations and why is that so? Champagne has been associated with celebrations for centuries during the 16th and 17th centuries. Champagne became popular because its comsumption was reserved for the the elites such as French Aristocrats, British Monarchy, Russian and many more that served at lavish dinners and parties. One of the most that we can recognised aspects of Champagne that come with uncorking which it usually bring jubilant exclamations. Champagnes and delicate bubble have been associated with celebrations from all sorts which range from small family that reunions to large scale events that celebrating their victories with Champagne since the 1950.

French have champagne, Italians Prosecco and the Australians with have sparkling wine and what the different between them?

Champagne is a sparkling wine that made by using a specific technique from specific region in French that namely Champagne. There are some methods to make sparkling wine which will have different impact on the wine and price.

Sparkling wines that labelled Champagne have to be made by using traditional method. French wines using the same method but originating from region outside of Chamagne are know Cremant. For the most popular wine from Spain is sparkling wine that made by using the same method but its ageing period is shorter than Champagnes. Prosecco is one of the most classic Italian Sparkling Wine but depending on the appellation. Some may made by using traditional method but some are made in Tank. For other sparkling wines is depend on the winery but the traditonal method of making sparkling wine is the most costly and these point will affect the retail price of sparkling wine.

So what wine will you be serving to your guest for holiday season and what dishes that you should serving?

This is a tips that you can apply for all holiday season that you have to serving wine for your guest. Some hoilday season is important time of celebration and we are sure that you do not want to miss anything. It’s a good chance for you to gather and have a good time and good food whenever that you can make. The lengthly of celebration meals no matter of lunches or dinners can go on for as long as four to six hours. It’s surly that there will be plenty of food to keep you and your guest going. For the starting point of the first house which you should serve appetizer menu such as Champagne or Cremant which is the most perfect to open the appetite and enjoy the drinks with some light bites.

Sweet Wine can matches the colors of dessert

Sparkling Wine Production Methods

The traditional method of make sparkling wine by used in Champagne and other wines by using it across the world that may use that name in their labels. With this technique is still wine is made and transferred to a bottle along with sugar and yeasts. A second fermentation will occur within the closed bottle where the yeast comsumes the sugar and creating natural bubbles. This method will take more time more than other method as Champagne that usually requires a minimum of 15 months in cold cellar that’s dug undergound with Premium resting for many year.

Tank Fermentation

For tnak fermentation method is uses the same principle of the second fermentation in a closed environment but it occurs in large tanks and not within the bottle. By using these method yeast flavors can be added to the wine and the cost of production would be much lower.


Carbon is deoxide is added into the regular wine and used for the production of cheaper sparkling wines.

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