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Tips to buy Batting Glove

Tips to buy Batting Glove

Batting Glove or Bat for Softball and Baseball is useful for grip handle to tight fit which batting glove is design for resolutely strike makes precise and not slip from the hand. There are a lot of fashion colors, patterns for Batting Glove in the market nowadays. Some type of Batting Glove are designed to prevent sore fingers and some type are designed for reinforced rubber bands which can increase the sticky. Mixed Fabrics or special materials for vent sweat are also available in the market. Flexible comfort batting glove is vary according to the brand.

There are 2 main types batting glove which are animal skin (leather) and synthetic material (artificial leather). For Batting Glove that made from Leather will make more compact feel comfortable but it have lifetime use because it is real leather. For Synthetic Material which also call artificial leather is usually use for secondary glove which can washable and can use for a long time.

Choosing Batting Glove to fit yourself is very important because you have to choose the size to fits your hand with exactly size. For small size is not recommended because it will make you feel not comfortable. You can rought measure the size of you batting glove by yourself by measuring the leangth of the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Below you will see picture for you to calculate your batting glove size.

Measuring Batting Glove Sizes

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