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Tips to build your dream wood home for all under one roof

Below you will see a great tips to find everything that you need to build your dream wood home.

Workshops: Learn the ins and outs for creating a custom wood home by attending the dozens of workshops avilable each weekend to our shows. From ffinancial planning to design concepts to building materials, experts will educate you on the entire process to better prepare you for the journey ahead.

Demonstrations: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demonstration of how various custom wood homes come together must be invaluable. See veteran builders erectmodel timber grames and log corners to understant how different system evolve into the drem home you see in magazines.

Research: If you have questions which you should find available design options to finishing elements to bulding concepts, gater all the important information that you need to make the best decision for your dream home by asking the experts on hand at each booth.

Connections: Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to interact with multiple company representatives in one setting. The people you meet will play a crucial role in what materials provider you choose and who you opt to work with so start establishing those connections today.




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