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Tips for Washing Machine

Washing Machine is necessity for every household

Washing Machine is necessity for every household

Let’s start with tips and tricks from asking question

How do you kknow if the capacity of the washer will fit your laundry needs?

One of the most important that you must consideration in choosing a washing machine is its capacity which it’s usually measured in kilograms. When it come down to the exact size that is right for your household but it’s very hard to give specifics because it depends on how much laundry that you do per week. Moreover, every households have differient family sizes.

For the households that have lighter loads which could pick and choose a medium sized machine of 6kg or 7kg while those with a heavier load should settle for the 8kg to 12kg capacities. The machines of 14kg to 20kg washing capacities are suitable for washing comforters and blankets.

Can you provide some useful tips and tricks for laundry routine?

For the most common misconception about saving energy and water is to wash smaller loads which you can compareed to washing a full load but it’s not detrimental to the environment but it down not necessarily result in cleaner clothes. You can save your money by cutting down thewater and electricity with a full load. For stick to the recommended amount of detergent and fabric softener to get the best result from your machine. On the other hand the safe side of laundry should be separated according to color to prevent staining of white clothes. For owner of frontload washing machine whihc should be extra concern and careful to check their daily laundry for objects such as coin and tissues because it will trapped debris can damage the machine.

What are the advantage of washers with inverter or direct drive technology?

For inverter technology that washing machine have function at the optimum speed that corresponding to the load and thereby saves on electricity usage. The direct drive technology able to save electricity by reducing energy loss in friction. Inverter function will have less noise, longer lasting and operates without gears and belts. For the most of high end eashing machines incorporate both features.

How can you select the right setting for different types of fabric?

For the machine of these day are fitted with temperature and wash control which allow you to adjust the setting according to the types of fabric that you washing. Below you will see a basic setting of washing machine.

  • Heavy Dury Setting – For heavy duty settingis stand for using stained clothes which these has a high speed tumbling which able to help scrub filth out of clothes by using warm or hot water.
  • Pre-wash setting – These function is stand for stained garments.
  • Quick wash setting – These function is for lightly solided clothes.
  • Permanent press setting – These function able to reduce wrinkling and creases. When you using these function you must remember to use warm or hot water and set it to slow spin in order to prevent further creasing.
  • Cold Wash Setting – These function is for delicates such as swaters and lingerie. For the technology in machines today able to wash delicates gently and able to give you an extra rinse to ensure there is no detergent residue which can be cause allergies.
  • Rinse and Spin Setting – These function is for bathing suits and beach towels because it does not require detergent.

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