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Tips for successful bathroom lighting

Great tips for successful Bathroom Lighting

Tips for successful bathroom lighting

Below you will see a greate tricks & tips for stylish functional lighting scheme:

  • Put all the lights on different switches so you can alter the mood. After you are in your bathroom you could switch off all the light except the wall light which you can dim right down for more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Replace existing fittings with frosted glass ones for a softer diffused lights.
  • Use a sensor switch which it’s a greate idea for your guest too because a light switches on when it detects movement and remains on for adjustabke period of time. You can programmed to turn on only the light levels are low. You can also make them excellent energy savers.
  • Use a low voltage plus water proof light inside the shower area.
  • Stud the ceiling with several downlighters that wash the walls with lights.


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