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Tips for selecting colour (Expert Advice)

Below you will see a few tips for selecting colour for your place

Tips for painting your place
Don’t be afraid of darker tones!!

Selecting a colour is not just about personal preference but about making the most of your space. The right colours can make rooms appear larger or even alter the ambient temperature so it’s important to consider what you are trying to achieve in any given space.

If you decide to using light neutrals with a hint of colour such as wood smoke or piglet that can make your room geeing more light and bright while the touch of colour prevents it from feeling too blank or cold. Because earthborn paints are clay based and they are naturally absorbent of light so lighter tones wll give a soft light and won’t create a glare.

For conversely in order can create a sense of warmth in airy rooms that have feature walls can be soften your scheme and make spaces seem more snug. For the option that you can select for rich tone such as reading room or ruby ribbon.

Conservatory extension can give another opportunity to use colour cleverly. To create synergy between your indoor and outdoor space which you can pick a colour from a nature such as a soft green or a sunny colour.

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