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Tips for select Freezer or Fridge

Below you will see a great tips to choosing fridge

The best part of essential part of a modern home and boon for affordable, sustainable living too. A good freezer lets you store produce from your garden or buy cheap fruit and beges during summer for use in winter which saves you loads of money and avoids excess packaging. Not all fridges and freezers are created equal so if you are buying a new unit or disposing of an old one which you can follow tips below.

1. Cool Costs: Chilled water and ice makers are a feature of many freezers but they add considerable to the price and use a lot of the freezer’s volume, typically costing you 12 – 25 percent of the space. Potentially expensive plumbing may also be required.

2. Reliability: From the surveys found that 89 percent of fridges and freezers never need repair. Vertically stacked models are more reliable than side by side models and the most trouble free.

3. Steel: Stainless finishes look cool but cost $100 up to $100 more than white and will make your kitchen seem darker.

4. Wide on the Wallet: Side by side fridge freezers tend to be significantly more expensive than vertically stacked units.

5. Bigger can be Better: You can get bar fridges as small as 45 litres however smaller models are relatively expensive and energy inefficient. For example 45 litre model costs $250 and uses 250kWh of power per year. By comparison you can get a 421 litre for $1460 which will use 413 kWh. Yes it around 6 times the cost but you get nine times more room inside for less than double the annual electricity cost.

6. Going Large: Before you buy big 600-800 litre side by side fridge – freezer make sure you have enough room and you will need a 5 cm air gap all around plus room for the doors to fully open and make sure it will fit through your doorways.

7. Tight Budget?: Decide how much refrigerated space you really need. Around 100-125 litres per person is a good rough guideline.

8. Smarter Power: Smart electricity meters are currently being rolled out around the country with 1 million already installed. These allow real time measurement of the power you consume so power companies will soon start charging you different rates at different time. This mean you will be able to save on you power bill by using a timer to switch off the freezer for a few hours when power’s expensive. Power generated at peak time in the evening on cold nights for instance costs more to generate because it comes from burning gas at power stations such as Huntly so switching off briefly will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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