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Tips for picking the right color for your place

Right Color for your own place

Right Color for your own place

Blue Color will make you feel cool, calm and collected and red rasies your heart beat. Yellow able to make you feel cheerful. Below you will see a few reasons why you should select a right color for your own place, room in these hues.


Green Color


When your frined takes you on a tour around hise house a multitude of deeling gathers and switches as fast as your legs take you from room to room. This is why you feel this way and it have a chance due to the color of each room. Human emotional response the primary or universal color is conditioned by our early association with them. We will pick green color as example. Green color equate it to the nature due to it similarities to surrounding objects of the same color. The play of colors of homeowner could introduce a relaxing or stimulating mood to the room. For another example Yellow color able to makes a room feel warmer white blue makes it cooler.


Yellow Color

If you used to have a quirky saying about yellow being a dirty fellow but the charming warm color has since changed our perspectives. It is a common color that used in the study room if you can remember when you was young most of your room in your school got yellow color. Yellow color can be use for emphasise an area or a particular object which in meant to be eye catching. The versatility of color allow to work with any color palette placed. Yellow color is a great way to introduce warm tones into your house. For example with a simple decorative items can carry the color yellow very well especially when it is placed against a backdrop in a room that painted in a neutral color like brown. On the other hand the citrus color gives a refreshing appeal to any part of the home and is associated with positive message.



Blue Color

Blue in general able to reflect a calming peaceful and tranquil quality that induces relaxation and sleep so it’s very good to have blue color in your bedroom. In another general blue deflect heat and keeps the room become always cool. Use softer toner of blue in order to create and open and airy feeling. This creates the illusion of a bigger space. Moreover, the combination also use to intergrate with blue color such as a combination of light and dark shades for creates a safe ambience in your children’s room. Espeically when they are further accessories with night light that cast a warm glow.  For different shade you might not think that it will work and take a risk with blue color until your try it by managed to create beautiful color contrast between brights blue walls and even brighter color home decoration. It’s a vision for skillful color combination that able to enables both element to stand out. Blue always make visualise the sights and sounds of the ocean and able to impart peaceful atmosphere of your room.



Red Color

Red color can be intimidating or intimate. Using red color is very risk because red is a color that can dominant color to add in any room. However red color and combine with the right techniques with amount and pairings. Red color introducing an eye catching pop of color in the midst of neutral one. It’s often used in bathroom and living rooms. Limit the use of red color to one or two in a room. Confine red color to the wall or in some small accessory and be sure to pair it off with color such as white in order to reduce the effect of increase heart rate and altertness induced by red. Red dramatises your living space in a way with no other color can do. It’s bold accents enhjance the mood and setting of a room. The example of using red color is creats and intimate setting when used in the living room but it also make your appetite in the dining area.

For General ways to neutralise bright colors

You must avoid the use of the mirrors in the room that you painted in a bright colors because the mirror in your paint room will relect light and bounce the glare around the room. So do not forget this point and tone it down a notch by using pastel color accessorues for example pink to soften the intensity of bright.

General way for inject playful color and tone for your room

Experiment and play around with cushion of varied patterns and motifs. You must bear in mind that they are not permanent features and can be change all the time that you want from time to time. Take a step further by decorating your birhgt color room with vibrant accessories.


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