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Tips for messages in your life

Below you will see a good tips to message for your life

Life is very busy but do you ever stop to smell the roses, reflect on sunset or savour an acknowledgment for a job well done? In society there is a general feeling that the busier you are the more productive you are. Throw in all of the messages that bombard us daily, and it result in minimal space in our lives for reflection and insights. Do you really hear the right messages about your journey, from your partner or from work.

Understanding your own personal power comes from awareness of these messages, how you feel on a daily basis and what is impacting this power. It is important to then find the root cause of any unproductive enrgy or where you may be forcing situations. You can do this by noticing a number of things.

  • What proportion of the time are you running at less than desired power
  • What situations are drawing on your power
  • What are your habits fears and beliefs
  • What thinking are you engaging in
  • How successful were you at turning this situation around

You have to consider how much time everyday that you spend on these energy draining or forced situations and what this would add up to over a week, a year. If it is one hour per day which equaters to approximately five month over 10 years you could spend enjoying in your life.

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