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Tips for Lofty Aspirations

Below you will see a great tips for aspirations your homes.


Lofts are a popular design feature and it’s easy to see why.The ceiling often rises high and a loft can give you extra square footage without compromising the open feel. You can also build upward with a loft without adding too much to the cost of construction. You can even make the main floor a little smaller because you have the extra living area up above. Now do your design such a space with a trick is to define it purpose before you build.

Look out below: Be sure that you look out and consider how the loft relates to the space below it. Open railing maximizes both the view and the light but if your loft will function as a guest room you might think about adding shutters or a movable screen ofr privacy. To contain noise from a media room, think about installing an insulated floor system rather than a tongue and groove option.

Do not get walled in and when you design a loft do not forget about roof pitch. For example a media room needs a straight wall for the television rather than the angled walls of a steeply pitched roof and a library should have at least six foot high wall for book shelves. On the other hand, for a playroom or a meditation room, a steep pitch might be fine especially with knee walls for storage.

Location also important for lofts because it can be situated over kitchens or adjacent to bedroom to provide a sitting area but most people want to overlook the great room to take advantage of the views from the huge windows. The loft should not be more than a third the size of the great room to guard against a tower effect with a too narrow view upward.

Skylight are a dramatic way to filter in sunlight but many loft owners option for a double advantage of light and air by adding dormer windows or even a balcony and sliding glass doors.

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