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Tips for L-Shaped Living and Kitchen Area

Problem about how to decor L-Shaped living and Kitchen Area?

Tips for L-Shaped Living and Kitchen Area

The problem is all alow long and narrow kitchen that can easily look cramped and the food preparation area and scullery are in the same space which it is not always convenient especially in an open plan area which has the front door opening onto it.

Tips for Planning:

  • Build a counter between your dining area and kitchen.
  • Paint the entire living area in light shape or earthy tone such as grey, white and pale pastels.
  • Install a sliding door between the dining area and outdoor braai area.
  • Suspend low lights over the counter.

The solution is a basic layout and composition of the space of your furniture that may be work and if you have a rugs with demarcating the dining and living areas and you plans for further changes sound exciting. Below you will see some ideas that you can apply for your house.

1. Furniture in sitting area can be arranged more comfortably by placing the sofa against the wall with the TV opposite and the two pairs of easy chairs on either side.

2. You can replace the window in your dining room with a sliding door which it make sense. After that add a smaller table to the outside area and create a nook where people can sit near together. This will create a flow between the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

3. For bookcase or TV unite which you can apply by provide storage space for toys and knick knacks which you can consider large baskets on the shelves for loose items and books for decorative elements and photos for a personal touch.

4. Impressive light above the dining table may be a great idea with chandelier which will create a focal point. The cabinet and wall alongside of the dining table are ideal for groupins of photos, pictures, art and even a mirror or two. This will add character and form a focal point from the front door and kitchen.

5. In the kitchen you can dividing wall with cupboards to screen off the scullery from your open living area. The way that you can create U Shaped area which allow you to socialise with your guests while you prepare food. The idea will tell you to hanging light above the counter with subtly differentiate the kitchen from the dining room while wall shelves or cupboards above the build in kitchen units will provide enough storage and display space.

6. The sliding door will be a thoroughfare plaec to the area which you can apply curtains which just be a decorative element to soften the view. Raise the curtain rod to juse under the ceiling in order to add height to the side of the room and draw the curtains away from the door to allow in as much light as possible.



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