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Tips for choosing the right wedding venue part II

Continue with a great tip on how to select the right wedding venue with Part II

Let’s continue with the next 3 tips for select the right wedding venue

4. What about Food? Speaking of getting fed by choosing the right venue also has a lot to do with the types of menu options available thinking about the style of menu that you would like can also help you decide on the venue itself for example buffet or spit roast with old homestead in the country, barbecue with relaxed backyard wedding, family style platteres with cosy town hall, roaming cocktail with funky art space, traditional sit down dinner with classic function centre or restaurant. Also factor in whether you will need to bring in caterers or if the venue has in house food servce. Do not foget to do a taste test to make sure everything is as delicious as you hoped.

5. Mother Nature: If you think that you have found your perfect outdoor spot for your ceremony and then the sky opens up and it thrashes down. For sometimes with a few spare unbrellas just won’t cut it so make sure you also have a wet weather option even if it just shifting your ceremony indoors under a tent or sheltering in a stable.

6. Light up: When it is all said and done the one thing that you have left after your wedding day are your photos so keep them in mind when choosing your venue. A dungeon may seem like a rad wedding story but your photos will suffer for it. Turn off the fluorescent lights, string up a few fairy lights or lantern, set up a few lamps or up light onto the walls and suddenly you have created atmostphere your guests can see what they are eating and your photos will be gorgeous.


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