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Tips for choosing the right wedding venue part I

Below you will see a great tips for select the right wedding venue part I

Hall? Backyards? Gardens? Barns? Estate Houses? Restaurants? Hotel? Rooftops? and many more will be a list of possible wedding venues is endless. But how do you choose the best fit for your celebration? Below you will see a great tip for you to choose the right venue for you and your soon to be partner in crime.

  1. Kenn on a theme: Select a theme for your wedding does not just mean choosing a colour palette or fancy dress era. Having a theme can also help with the type of ambiance that you want your wedding to have and therefore your venue type can be relaxed, outdoors, classic, traditional or even circus.
  2. Location: Have you considered having your ceremoney, reception, photo, all in one venue? By having everything in the one place will save you so much time and you will not be wasting any precious photo or partying time commuting back and forth and it will also spare your guests the hassle of driving between venues or having to amuse themselves while they wait for you and they can just go ahead and get the party started. Keeping everything in the spot that you can makes for a super relaxed and easy day for everyone.
  3. In and Out: You have chosen your venue and you are about to drop the deposit but what about the extras? Additonal time will you be charged an extra fee if you go overtime? What about extra hours of bar service? Is there a cut off time? Are there noise restrictions in the neighbourhood? Set up down times can you set up the day before or pack down the day after so you are not sleepily pulling down decoration in your wedding gear at midnight.

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