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Tip for make new friends for your kids

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Make a new friends but keep the old is easier sung than done, especially for kids. Here’s how to help your child survive the ins and outs of their social scene. It seems as if it happens overnhgt and sometime it does. One day your child feels like part of the gang. the next have been elbowed out of the lunch table, excluded from a conversation at recess, or left off the invitation list for a birthday party. When your children are youngm their friend group usually consist of whomever their parents invite over for playdates. As resulf these groups are often open and fluid. Cliques by contrast are not orchestrated by parents. It seem so from the outside and have strong boundaries. For one kid to be in a clique, another might get rejected from it. Fortunately, amidst all the whispering and ostracizing, seat saving and photo tagging, there is home. With some understanding and smart strategies you can help your kids get through the temptation to exclude, the pain of being left out and the many subtleties of intraclique relation so they can come out happy on the other side.


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