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Tio Gardening Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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The perfect garden with free of all pests, weeds and weather surprises does not exist. Nor does the perfect palnce to garden, because every climate is friendly to some crops and hostile to other. Thankfully, trackling gardening challenges, while frustrating at times is part of what makes growing your own food such a lively adventure.

Smart garden troubleshooting is often crucial to successful food production and working out the best solution may require years of trial and error experimentation. To help you get a jump start more than a dozen longtime or ganic gardeners to share their expertise on tatics for solving common organic vegetable gardening problem. Following is a roundup of their collective wisdom.

Critter and Pest Patrol

Dealing with insect pests, rabbits, deer, voles and othercritters is perhaps one of the most frustrating and ubiquitous gardening challenges. Organic vegetable gardening can make this issue trickier in that you have wisely opted not to use harsh chemicals to keep such troubles at ba. In the case of critters good fences can make for good harvests. Diligent monitoring for pests will prove well worth your time.


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