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Time to relax and get better sleep

Eating the right kinds of vitamin rich foods can help you boost your engery levels

Better Sleep

This post will help you learn more and think more about everything would be perfect if you could get a good night’s sleep with the solution that we conclude for you.

Bright Light from smart phone such as iPhone, iPad and other tablet that you used at night is a proving one of the biggest sleep stealer so how to solve these problem? The way to solve these problem by download software like F.lux. that can be downloaded to labtops and PCs to alter your screen’s brightness and colour to mimic a more natural light so you’re not starting at a too bright laptop just before bed.

Drink with juice like cherry juice which it’s offer new trials from the USA that introduce about drinking cherry juice twice a day for two weeks able to increate sleep time by nearly 90 minutes in adult with insomnia. Drinking Cherry Juice also help increase levels of the sleep hormone melatonin in the body.

Take some Omega 3 which Omega 3 able to improved your sleep and it’s suggested that adult should expect the same results. The therory is about substance that called DHA in the fat either helps the body release melatonin to helps lower anxiety.

5 Spices to Sprinkle

1. Parsely: Contains Energising Vitamin C and Iron
2. Garlic: Great for Immunity
3. Mint: Fight Inflammation
4. Basil: Support Healthy Circulation
5. Turmeric: Able to Boost Brain Health

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