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TIME to move on exercise for your horse and rider

Below you will see a great tips for exercise

Behind the leg is something that you hear all the time but what does it really mean and how can you stop your horse from being behind the leg? Horse & Rider find out

Watching top dressage riders produce apparently foot perfect tests you might be forgive for imagining their horses go correctly all the time but if you think that the experts never encounter training problems then tink again. The truth is issues they uncover when schooling and training. Ask yourself do you ask your horse for a transition and get it but with a delay of a stride or two? Do you ever put your leg on to ask for a littel more engagement, but get no reponse? Perhaps your horse feel as though he is going forward but still sometimes break in the canter despite your leg being on. These are all example of a horse who is behind the leg Tgus can mean a horse who is slow but always. Horses can rush long but no be in front of your aids. They’re controlling the situation themselves and leaving yourf irmly in the passenger seat, but it does not have to be like that.

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