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Time to make coconut water for your energy

Below you will see the adventage of coconut water for your energy

With all the hype around carb high fat diets and the popularity of paleo type eating particularly in the crossfit community, the subject of medium chain triglycerides as it suitable energy sources is growing in performance is coconut water. The trend lost some momemtum over the year with largely due to a lack of credible scientific evidence to support the touted benefits and it never petered out completely. Today you will have a look to the various coconut based drinks and bards on sale at health shop and supplement store or pharmacies to realise that are back to vogue.

The properties can be deliver a number of benefit to athletes not least of which is a denser souce of energy as fat contain more calories per gram than carbohydrates. The other benefit is that they can help maximise glycogen utilisation. In the term of glycogen once liver and muscle stores are full and they can not be topped up any further. If you introduce a readily available souce of fat into the circulatory system which muscles can easily utilise for fuel and you will spare glycogen as your body burns which this highly bioavailable fuel source. This will enable your engine to run for longer which can make a significant difference in any endurance event.

The endurance can be a relative term as some athletes are able to sustain higher intensities that other. For instant a sub three hour marathoner and five hour marathoner will have vastly different metabolisms and energy requirements.

So should endurance athletes be throwing their carb base gels away? and replacing them with some form of coconut oil> Don’t be too hasty. Coconut water won’t replace carbohydrates when it comes to fuelling optimal performance. The equation boil down to the individual with training and physiological requirement during the event. In the case that form of coconut water should you consider then? The suggestion is to sticking to one of two options which recommended coconut oil or palm kernel oil. You can also purchase extracted and there are already a few brand out there that offer high quality product.

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