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Think before you ink on your body

Tattoo on body art is it cool?

Long gome are the days when tattoo were just for bikers, rockers and spring breakers. Body art as a form of self expression and now as common as motivational quotes on facebook wall. Tattoos are more socially acceptable, especially with celebrities and TV shows that make them mainstream. The number is back about 25% of the population has a tattoos. It jumps to over 30% for the under 30 crowd and nearly 50% for women under age 35. In face one in five American under 30 now has three or more tattoo on their body. Young women have twice as many as young men. So many people are getting inked and at such a fast clip that removal rates are also rising. The fact is that tattoos do involve some health risks and the FDA does not regulate ink. Whether you are getting a fresh design or wiping out a regret, sidestep infection or worse by following tips below to going under the needle.

Shop Around

Aooriach getting a tatoos as you would buying a car. Do your research and be picky. Select an artis that based on recommendation and online review. Make sure that his or her style meshes with yours. The dude known for barbed wire may not be best for your dainty orchid. Drop in for a visit and do not be shy. Ask to see the artist’s license and the shop’s operating documents. In most states, ligit parlors must regularly apply for licenses and permits. Expired or missing paperwork then move on.

True Colors

Next thing to consider is the ink itself. Every tatoo softens with age but yellows, pinks and other light tones are most likely to fade and black is the most enduring. However, might also be the sketchiest and it can include carcinogenic carbon and from the recent study found that 100 percent of black inks tested have contained dibuty phthalate, a chemical that’s been linked to obesity and breast cancer. Though most research suggests the threat is relatively small and it may be still smart to choose black as an outline or accent as opposed to the main attraction. No ink is totally risk free. Many contain heavy metals such as iron, lead and aluminum which lend hues lasting brightness and which in rase cases can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. In general blues and greens may be safest, blacks and reds less so. Concerned? Seek out highly rated parlors that use reputable brand of pigments.

Spot Check

Real estate location is key. Inking around or over moles can make it hard for ID changes in size or shape for potential markers for melanoma. Designs on the lower back mihgt create a problem should you want an epidural for childbirth. When that numbing needle pierces the tatoo, metal from the ink can travel into the spinal cord potentially damaging your nervous system. Tattoos on supple areas such as the butt and breasts may change shape over time. Those on shoulders are frequently exposed to pigment-fading sunlight and nonfleshy areas like your neck, rib cage and ankles tend to be most sensitive. In other words and it’s really about picking your posion. Consider your nine to five if visible ink is frowned upon in your field choose an easy to hide spot such as your hip.

Prepare for it

The night before your have an appointment and you have to get at least eight hours for sleep because it can help your dial down your pain response. The morning of shower clean your skin slashes the risk for infection and eat a healthy meal. Caffeine can make it hard for you to sit still so skip chugging coffee. Also forgo aspirin which can up your bleeding potential and do not even think about liquid courage. Some states won’t allow tattoo artists to work on you if you seem drunk.

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