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The Structural Beauty of Furniture Ideas

Beauty Structural

The Y Chairs

The expressive minimalism is the tern that can use for distinct style. If you are interested in structure and bones of the products rather than it skin you may interest in Y Chair design which it inspired from spine and shoulder bleades. Y Chair introduce the hyper flexible chair designed that can give lumbar support while withstanding heavy dury usage. The Y Chair create in the concept of not too decorative. The decoration are come from the structure or the material rather than be another layer.

The act of making that is at the core of design. The best ideas to create creative home furniture is the shape and design. The shapely of the beat lamps can inspired by traditional cooking pots and water vessels. The lighting are spun and hand beaten by craftsmen. The digital industrial revolution and its rapid manufacturing process .

The Y Chair is made of glass-reinforced nylon, allowing it to withstand heavy-duty use, and its angular shape is derived from ergonomic considerations.

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