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The origin of groupings for your children

Below you will see a great technique for grouping for your kids

Cliques in less catty form which go back as far as humankind. We come from a hunter that gatherer society. Children social and emotional development have action in your kids daily life. There was a greater chance of survival if you were part of a group. The urge to form cliques is evolutionarily ingrained. The behavior start to show up that your children as young as two will mimic their behavior to match that of their peers so they do not stand out from the crowd and not long after toddlerhood. If you able to pinpoint the person in the group whom you are closest. And we think that you ever stop using that label as best friend. Why are we so attached to it? We need to have the sense that we matter. If we have a best friend that mean we count to someone. And though children today certainly won’t perish if they do have a core group of buddies, there are benefits, like a boost to self esteem and a sense of belonging. Also it just feels good to be included that why it’s so painful to be left out.


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