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The Fuzzy Factor with your hair

Forget freaking out when a little bit of facial fluffy crops up cos you have got all the answer to your question below.

How can stop it growing?

It’ bad news but you can not. Like any other hair on your body, it natural and will grow whether you like it or not. The face is not the best place to have excess hair and while you may think that you are the only one that has it, all your friend do too. Sometimes it can look dark and stand out but honestly it’s normally.

How do you get rid of facial hair?

The best way to get rid of facial hair for good is by having a course of IPL intense pulsed light treatments. This uses a combination of pulse and wavelength of light that permanently damages the hair follicle so it does not grow anymore. While it is not the cheapest method it will get rid of unwanted hair permanently and is the most effective way to eliminate dark hair. It’s slightly painful and it it’s feel like an elastic band pinging against your skin and you will need a few sessions to banish hair forever. Next up is waxing. This can be done by a beautician or at home with eaxing strips or hot wax. It can hurt but you will stay hair free for at least four weeks. You can also pluck out the odd stray hair with tweezers a magnifying mirror will help you find those little ones.

Eyebrowns meet right in the middle of forhead

Again this is natural so try not to fret about it too much. But if you do find that your brown are causing you a bit of distress you could do a tidy up. Never touched your brows before. In that case you should think about visiting a brow expert at beauty salon. They will remove excess hair with wax or tweezers which will be a lot less painful than doing it yourself for the first time. They will be able to create the perfect shape to suit your face so you can just tweeze any future strays whenever they happen to pop up. Just be sure to avoid going too thin, big brows are a hot trend right now.

Should start using bleach to make your dark hair become lighter colour?

Using bleaching products will mkae your hair lighter and may be used as another option to disguise hair. But read the instructions carefully first. The key ingredient in bleach products is a chemical which may irritate your skin if left on the area longer than the specified time. Your hair begins to grow out evetually you will still need to repeat the lightening process as the dark regrowth will come through.

What would be happen if you shaved your face?

You would find that by shaving your face, the hair will grow back faster than if you waxed. When the hair does grow back it will appear thicker and fuller because it has been cut straight and short. Avoid the stubble and do not shave.

Is it true that if you wax your hair it will just come back twice as thick?

The answer is still no. In face that generally waaxing reduces hair growth, leaving their hair softer and finer in texture. The long term effect is definitely less hair growth.

What happen if you fo red after waxing?

It is common to see some redness after waxing, but this usually disappear after an hour. The recommends applying a nice cold compress to reduce swelling then soothing the skin with a calming anti inflammatory gel such as aloe vera. If you do not have one at home then try a gragrance free after sun gel which will also soothe and cool for your skin. Avoid hot showers and anything that causes direct friction on the area for a couple hours.

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