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The Effects of Stretching on Performance

Stretching Prior to exercise

There are numerous research articles demonstrating that stretching routines prior to lifting may actually decrease your strength. This decrease in performance has been found using mainly static stretching however, performance ballistic and proprioceptive neuromusclar facilitaion stretching has also showed reduced perofrmance. Reduced performance has been found to range from 4-28 percent in a participants. What is very important to understand. There is studies that found decreased strength immediately post stretching used more than one stretching exercise for the same muscle. There are multiple number of sets tnad time of stretching was about 90 seconds or greater. This length of stretching time is longer than what is recommended and longer than what most would actually stretch prior gym. The take home message from this research data is that if yo uare to stretch prior to an exercise or sport that requires strength then your stretching should be very short in duration. It has been recommended that a maximum of 4 stes of stretches for your desired muscle group with the duration of 10 – 30 seconds should be completed, however keep in mind studies only performing one set have found strength decreases. The issue with this short length of time is the face that it will have little impact on lengthening the muscle and thus you will not achieve your goal of increasing flexibility prior to lifting or playing sport.

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