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The Cause of Dark Spots on your face

Below you will see the cause of dark spots on your face

Wrinkles get all the bad press even though brown spots are just as aging your skin has melanocytes octopus like a cells that produce pigment. The inflammation stress, hormones and plain getting older can cause these cells to push out too much pigment, resulting in brown or reddish splotches. To prevent it by let’s find the triggers and clear things up.

Cause from the environment

Like so many aging skin issues that majority of brown spots that come from the sun. All skin tones can be affected. In order to stop new spot from forming, wear a broad specturm SPF 30 or greater everyday. No exceptions by select one with free radical neutralizing antioxidants. Like cranberry or raspberry seed oils or vitamins C or E. All are anti inflammatories.

Cause from Trauma

Melanocytes are riled up by inflammation. Exfoliating pimple picking, hair plucking or scratching can all cause spots as can insect bites and laser hair removal. You have to treat it as soon as possible. Can you use products that contain natural anti inflammatories like oats or chamomil. By keeping soothing spray in your bag for quick relief. After you pluck a hair or get laser hair removal ice the area for a few mintues.

Cause of Hormones

If you see a patch and you upper lip, odds are your birth control pill is causing the spots. A butterfly like brown mask across your cheeks. In both casus a riot of estrogen can cause your skin to hyperpigment a condition called melasma. The splotches tend to fade after you have give brith or stop taking the pill. If the latter is not option then try a pigment fader and wear sunscreen and wide brimmed hat when outside.

Cause of Sneaky Ingredients

Fragrances with citrus notes like bergamot can make skin extra sensitive to the sun especially in warmer climates. If you face with hyperpigmentation and you might notice a leathery textured discoloration anywhere that was sprayed by the scent then exposed to rays. Even the lime in your booze can be blame.

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