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The carb Debate

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In a world where nutritional information changes daily, marketing is king and the whisper of a low carbohydrate intake can incite great animosity and it can be a little tricky to figure out what will actually get you the result you desire. Have no fear and as long as you are willing to do the hard work.

Enhance performance by strategically by using carbs and protein for endurance and high intensity sports. Sport nutritionists have long relied on the supremacy of carbohydrates for optimising athletic performance. In point two another vein of though will presented but the benefits of carb supplementation for the majority of athletes are presentated there. The body story carbs in the form of liver and muscle glycogen. When an athlete eats a relatively high carb diet, they will preferentially burn carbs for fuel during exercise making glycogen and essential fuel source because the body has limited  glycogen stores, performance is limited during endurance and high intensity efforts. Supplementing with carbs can enhance endurance performance in certain situations.

For endurance exercise lasting more than 2 hours, carbs are indicated. A large review found that the greatest benefit of 6.5 per cent increase in performance from taking 0.9g per kg per hour of exercise of carbs with 0.2g per kg per hour of protein. Carbs are not recommended for high intensity workouts shorter than 30 minutes. Solid, liquid and gel carbs are equally effective. A dual form of carb from glucose and fructose is recommended to refill muscle and liver glycogen stores.

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