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The best dressed for your windows

Let’s create the look with your windows
The best dressed for your windows

The kitchen have become the most social part of home which it’s important to create a space that combines your cooking area that need with finished to compliment those needs. It’s seamless and social kitchen is one where the functional items for example fridge, freezer, sink and many more that blend in with the hard top unit that you have select to create an open inviting area.

It’s all about your choice to select window treatment. Many windown treatment store able to custom made aluminium blinds which available in exquiste colours. For example you can select the bold red highlights this window as a focal point and transforms the kitchen into an exciting, modern space and many more. This can be use of the complimentary green, used in the shelving and accessories.

Below you will see a technique to measuring your window
How to measuring your window

– Wall face mounthing which can measure the total area that you want the blind to cover
– Window recess mounting can measure inside the window recess in at least 2 places

  1. Let’s start with record the width from left to right first then length the top to bottom in mm.
  2. You have to measure each window individually because each window may have different size.
  3. Alway measure in mm’s with a metal measuring tape.

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