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Textures & Colours Ideas for your house

Byzantine Mood can create textures and colours for your place

Textures & Colours Ideas for your house

A glittering swathe of mosaic tiles over ceiling and walls creates with ethereal atmospherer is the most spacious master bathroom

For sometime the impact of particular design element can be more dramatic in real life than it appears on the plans. The scenario that you may be tempted on how to throw caution to the winds and turn it asset into central feature. In order to optimise its presence you should decide to face the ceiling in bronze mosaic tiles and run down the walls as well. You can make the space even more lofty than it actually is. The refected from the thousands of glass mosaics further able to enhances the drama of your bathroom.

The room will incorporates other luxurious touches which include a refined elogated ebony vanity with stepped out elements with signaling the position of the freestanding countertop bowls. The eony is repeated on the large wall mirror frames which makes a connection to similar treatments in the adjacent master bedroom. A circle motif also features in the window at the end. The antique mirror at the other on custom door.

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