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Techniques to select Hair Extension

Techniques to select Hair Extension

Hair Extension is count as one accessories for women to change their hair style by adding length, adding color or even add more confident. We can not deny that nowadays hair extension become very popular among teenage because its easy to find any order via internet. These hair extension trend are come from celebrity and make many women follow fashion that they do. So how to select hair extension in order to suit your face and add more confident for you?

Oval Face

Oven face is the most perfect face for women because your face is suitable for all types of hair extension no matter short hair extension or event long hair extension. Bob hair extension are also popular among these type of face but you must open your bob with short bangs brushed to the side in order to make you brighter all the time.

Heart Shaped Faces

Heart Shapes Faces have wide forehead and have high cheekbones and narrow chin but the eyes of these types of face are very special because it can attract everyone around you. Best way to distract attention from the cheekbone by using long hair extension with soft curly perm because it can be obscured. The height of cheekbone and help camouflage on your face and make you look more slender as well. These types of face must avoid hairstyles for straight hair because it will show your weakness.

Pear Shaped Face

Pear Shaped Face is opposite from women that have heart shaped faces because these types of face will have broad forehead and narrow chin which you should emphasize the width of forehead and using short bob hair extension with straight cut to help narrow down your chin and you can also add bender to make your hair styles look more chic.

Round Face

For women that have round face should find hair extension that does not add width to your face such as straight hair extension that have length equal to your chin or a bit more equal. You should dropped the front end of longer hair extension than normal because it can cover your round face and make you look much more attractive.

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