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Technique for developed seeds in Winter

Below you will see a great tips for developed seed in Winter

Milk Jug seed starter with a simple technique by developed for seed that need to spend a winter outside before they will germinate but it’s also great method to start garden seed in late winter if you don’t have infoor lights or cold frame.

1. Cut a gallon milk jug or other large plastic container in half horizontally and then leaving one edge intact to use as a hinge. Discard the cap.
2. Punch serveral drainage holes in the bottom.
3. Fill the bottom with 3 inches of potting soil, moisten well and plant your seeds
4. Fold down the top cover and secure the cut seam with duct tape enclose the planted jug in a large clear or opaque plastic bag such as a produce bag, held together at the top with a twist tie.
5. Place in sunny, protected spot outdoors.
6. One week before transplanting, harden off seedling by removing the bag and tape and propping the jug open with clothespins.

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