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TarpCoverSales Coupon Lists

Updated TarpCoverSales Coupon Code Lists


1. Coupon: springsave: Save 5% Off on all order (NEW)
2. Coupon: happymarch: Save 5% Off valid till March 31th, 2014 (NEW)
3. Coupon: ctsave: Save 5% Off on all order (NEW) (HOT)
4. Coupon: RCC10: Save 10% Off on all Canopies order (NEW)
5. Save up to 50% Off when shopping at Canopy Mart (NEW)
6. Save up to $3375 Off for Commercial Tents (NEW)
7. Save up to 46% Off for Animal Canopy Tents (NEW)
8. Save 88% Off for Canopy Light
9. Save 20% Off on StarShade Canopy Tents (NEW)
10. Save $250 Off on 12 x 20 / 1 5/8″ Enclosed Canopy (NEW)
11. Save $109 Off on 10 x 10 Garden Party Canopy (NEW)
12. Save 18% Off Plus Free Shipping for KD StarTwin 1320 Canopy (NEW)

(Some Discount will active during your checkout process)

About is a site that you can shop quality Tarps products and accessories at affordable price on the internet. When you visit TarpCoverSales website you will find their products that separate into categories such as Spring Clamps, Hook Tie Downs, Shade Mesh Tarps, Tarp & Cover Accessories, Athletic Field Covers, Hay Tarps, Bull Pen Covers, Football Athletic Field Covers, Home Plate Covers, Large Tarps, Clear U.V. Poly Tarps, White Canvas Tarps, Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps, Sun Shade Sails, Ball Tie Downs, Heavy Duty Hook Tie Downs, Discount Baseball Field Covers, Discount Hay Tarps, Softball Field Covers, Round Bale Hay Tarps, Heavy Duty Poly Tarps, Large Blue Tarps, Drain Tarps, Green Canvas Tarps and many more for you to shop from TarpCoverSales website. For shopping tips from TarpCoverSales website which can save your money up to 10% off plus free shipping on all order with no minimum required. At TarpCoverSales website you can also enjoy received Free Shipping on all order. If you have any question about order products or delivery services which you can contact their customer support directly at 1.800.896.2008.

High Quality Tents and Canopies Products from

How to Select Canopies?

First of all you must define the purpose of use for your canopies such as party tents, parking tents, garden tent, garden tent for advertising.

Second you must calculate the are that you use for the purpose of your application which calculation is mention below.

**You should calculated by not make your space look uncomfortable such as find your area that have sloped or not (size of the tent is made completely in the batch of it) such as size 3x3x2.30 m is the length of the legs at 2.30 meters and can not be adjusted. You have to calculate the slope before purchase your canopy.

Third is all about richness and texture on your Canopies which it is suitable or not (sun and rain)

Like some of the older application like 3-4 years but very expensive and compare with the real purpose of use which one is suitable for you. You must think about the color when it become old and the color will change when the time passes by. For the recommendation is you should not pay for the expensive one because you may get boring the old color.

** Some Canopies are cheaper and have long lifetime such as one year (if the permanent use) like parking tent, coffee tent, private tents and many more.

Fourth Steel, Frame and Joint that will come with your Canopies when you design to order tents you muse look into these section because size of steel should be appropriate and suit to your environment and should fit your application. For the joints should be strong and durable for standard secure.

Fifth is a layout of the screen that you want from the manufacturer on your canvas tent which is the most important point because it can catch people eye attention.

Types of Canopy

What’s types of Canopy that you need? Before you choose canopy you should note that canopy have a lot of size which you have to select the size that suitable for you to use after that you have to decide to purchase it for appropriate to use by compare with your budget. Part of Canopy in Canopy Industrial is available in a various designs and size.

Canopy with Shelter Style: It’s a Canopy that have design like tent with roof pour which usually have 3m high and 2.40m which it make these type of canopy has a hipped roof and poured down the back. The color of the Canvas that used as part of the roof color is depend on your selection. For the recommendation of these kind of Canopy is 3 sizes 5 * 4m, 5 * 8m, and 5 * 12m.

Canopy with Triangular Roof: These design of Canopy have roof with triangular design with normally high is around 2.40m and at the back of these canopy will have high from canvas up to top of canopy is around 1.40m. For normally size of these types of canopy is 5 * 8m.

Canopy with pyramid shape: For these types of Canopy will have roof like facade and you can select colors and sizes that available in many store. These kind of Canopy have normal size 3 * 3m and 2 * 2m.


Below you will see a list of example picture about Canopy and Tent design that available at Canopy Mart website.

Canopy Valance Top Cover
Canopy Valance Top Cover

Commercial Duty 24′ X 24′ Frame Luxury Event Party Tent

Commercial Duty 24' X 24' Frame Luxury Event Party Tent

Commercial Duty 20′ X 30′ Frame Luxury Event Party Tent

Commercial Duty 20' X 30' Frame Luxury Event Party Tent

Caravan Display Shade

Caravan Display Shade
Valencia Gazebo

Valencia Gazebo

Undercover 10′ X 20′ Aluminium

Undercover 10' X 20' Aluminium

Decorative Style 14′ X 27′ Enclosed Party Tent

Decorative Style 14' X 27' Enclosed Party Tent


KD StarShade 800 Canopy Tent

KD StarShade 800 Canopy Tent

Note: Above is only example picture from Canopy Mart website which you can see more design and style of canopy at Canopy Mart website and you can also create a custom Canopy by yourself at their site.

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