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Table Manners for Dining at Home

Dining Table Manners

A Dining room is a place where you tuck into scrumptious meals with you firends and family

Below you will see a few tip to adjust for your dining table
Dining Table is a home furniture that able to attract more emphasis on entertaining and dining at your home. Dining Table have become more important than ever. No matter it’s for a quick takeaway dinner for two or for family even rambunctious party for your friends. So dining table is a table that you can enjoy your time with a member in your family or you friend. Below you will see an options for everyone to apapt your dining table to suit your place.


Just You and Me
Dining Table for two

If you and your partner have just moved into your first home together you juse keep things simple with a compact table for two and it’s small and not big for two of you. If dining at home is not a daily affair, a flip up table might be just the space and saving solution that you will need.


Tips: Dining table for two peopleTrivets should be always used on veneer or wooden tabletop and the reason that we have to use these is because of direct heat that can transfer onto them may cause discolouration or burn mark on your table. You should also consider adding a glass top for lacquered or veneer tabletops in order to prevent them from getting scratched or ruined by water. For a stainless steel that you used for indoor furniture is usually not of a pure grade and it will be prone to rust of exposed to salty sea air or moisture.


Family Time
Dining Table for Family

For table that use for family sized must be a bigger one with a while the range of extendable family sized table is growing. If you host is a bigger groups of people regularly. Otherwise, stick to the conventional because it will cost your less. Model that are sufficient for your daily need is look like example picture above which you can find it from many popular brand store.


Tips: Dining table for Family GroupYou should find something that can fits your space comfortably. Find your table that have square shape, rectangular shape or round shape because it can save more space and suitable for family size. There is no standard height for dining table and chair but you must make sure that you consider the height of both table and chair before you order it.


Party’s TimeDining Table for Party

If you are the one that love party and always welcome your friend to join your party you will want a sizeable surface that can provide enough dining space for each of your frinds. There’s nothing more than stately than a grand table to anchor a large dining room and with a surface this big that you can do what ever you want.


Tips: Dining table for PartyFor a minimum space for party table is 80cm is a recommendation for party table. Around a dining table will allows enough space for people to walk by or move their chairs in and out. For dining sets withing the kitchen you have to leave at least 120 cm in order to allow a space for someone to work at your counter while other are sitting at the table. For the space when seated at the dining table, each guest requires about 60cm by 35cm of space

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