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Surviving a flat tire tips

Below you will see a great tips for surviving a flat tire

Your car or trucks manual shows you how to change a flat tire assuming a best case scenario but the real world including all kinds of surprise lug nuts that will not budge, a wheel that rusted to the hub or a spare tire that is so underinflated. In other words, even if you know how to change a flat tire chances are pretty good you will run into problem and you are not prepared for. Do not think you are out of the woods just because you have roadside assistance. Because if you get a flat tire in an area with no cell phone coverage, or the service is so backed up that it will be hours before they get to you and you just might have to change your tire yourself. To help you survive a flat tire ordeal. Below you will see a tips that can help you encounters.

Don’t break your plastic wheel covers: Carmakers use two methods to secure plastic wheel covers: spring clips and screw on plastic lug nuts. If you do not know which type is on your vehicle try turning one of the plastic nuts with the socket end of your tire iron. If it rotates, you have the screw on type. Unscrew all the plastic nuts and lift off the cover. If the nut does not turn you have to snap on style. Those have to be pried off and that ‘s where some people get into trouble. If you jam the tapered end of your tire iron into a weak area on the cover you will break it to pieces. So be sure to pry behind one of the larger spokes and twist until the cover pops off.

Pack a tire inflator: If you dont routinely top off the air pressure in your spare tire do not be surprised if it’s severly underinflated when you need it. Driving on a several underinflated full size spare is unsafe and driving on an underinflated space saver spare is downright dangerous. Solve that problem by keeping a plug in tire inflator in your behicle at all times. Start the engine plug the until into your power port and bring the spare tire up to the recommended pressure before installing it on the hub.

Removing a stuck wheel: If you do not rotate your tires every 5,000 miles your wheels may be bonded to the hub by rust. With the lug nut loosened about three quarters of the way grab the spare by the cener hole and use it as a battering ram. Swing it horizontally with all your might so it strikes the stuck wheel at the 12 o’clock position. Repeat the blows at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position until the wheel breaks free from the hub.

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