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Tower Paddle BoardsSurfboard is a one of extreme outdoor sport or sport of surfing which surfboard is separate into three categories which are Short Board, Long Board and Fun Board. For Short Board which have range from 5′ up to 7′ which looks sharp and streamlined and difficult to control the balance board types and Short Boards is used by the most of the competition. For Long Board have long 9′ feet to the length which has rounded end and leave a stable speed better. Long Board is easy to control then short board and easy to play. For the last board is fun board which have length during 7′-8′ 11″ which different from Short Board and Long Boards because Short Board and Long Boards have rounded ends. Fun Board is stable and streamlined and it is easy to play than Short and Long Board because Fun Board is use for new player and practice.

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At Tower Paddle Boards website you can also enjoy saving your money from their Manufacturer direct SUP Company which up to $500 Off on SUP Boards and $100 Off on SUP Paddles Nationwide. Tower Paddle Board offer SUP Manufacturer which provide you direct price on all Stand Up Paddle Boards Carbon Fiber and Wooden SUP Paddles, Accessories, SSUP Surfing Boards, Flatwater Paddleboarding and many more. Tower Paddle Boards enter into Tower Board business in 2010 which you can assure all products that you order from them which guarantee from their experience. At Tower Paddle Boards website you will see their high quality SUP Boards at best price on the internet with the value proposition that they offer a premium $1200 EPS with Epoxy SUP for under $700 and best in class $99 and inflatable SUP for under $500.

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