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Success Check with Ketone Test Strip

How can you test that if it’s working?

How you know day to day whether you are in or out of ketosis?

By taking one of two different tests. The first most readily available and most widely practised involves the use of ketone test strips also call ketostix or ketone sticks. These are used to determine the presence of ketone bodies. A sign that your body is indeed burning fat for energy.

The plastic strip have a pad at the end containing a chenical that changes colour if ketones are present in the urine. A sign that your body is indeed burning fat for energy. There is usually a colour scale that displays the level of ketone bodies. Ketone test strip can be purchased at most pharmacies where they are usually kept with the diabetic supplies. The other more detailed test which is not designed for ketones at all is the bioimpedance or bioelectrical impedance analysis. Undertaken with a health practitioner check with your nutritionist or naturopath. The BIA is a non invasive test that involves placing a couple of pads on the body.

Bioimpedance analysis is a science that was developed for use in monitoring patients after surgery. It accurately and reliably monitors body composition. As well as hydration status cellular energy production and even a figure for biological age. It importantly for anyone practising ketosis. BIA tests reveal whether you are losing too much muscle which it mean that you need to wind back the ketones or gaining too much body fat. Focus on fat loss or fat to muscle ratio more than weight loss as it is a truer measure of progress than weight alone. The programs that see crazy amounts of weight loss very quickly often only work short term and usually involve loss of excessive amount of muscle and water which is counterproductive and unhealthy in the medium and longer terms.

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