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Study more about Colorectal Cancer

Below you will learn more about colorectal cancer

The oversall risk of colorectal cancer is about 5 percent for both men and women but mortality is lower in women. The gender gap showed that women tend to develop colorectal cancer five years later than men and that their tumors are typically located in the right side of the colon whereas men’s are in the left. The location has serious implication. The right section of the colon or the proximal colon is bigger than the left section, it takes longer for tumors that grow there to become large enough to present visible bleeding. That is probably why women receive colorectal cancer diagnoses at more advanced stages than men do so why do more women than men survive. From the study suggest that it may be because women respond better to some chemical treatment. It not easy to detect early stage cancer in the right colon but it is possible bloating and severed constipation are two major symptoms. Preventive screening starting at age 50 for most people sonner for those with a family history of the disease. Also save lives.



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