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Stretching and Muscle Hypertrophy

Below you will see a few tips for Stretching and Muscle Hypertrophy

The research is not 100 percent conclusive however there is the possibilitythat the chronic effects of following a stretching program may cause muscle phypertrophy. For human studies after three weeks of a stretching program strength training. In addition, another positive of following a stretching program is that your flexibility will also increase. Increased flexibility in the gym setting will enable you to perform exercise with a full range of motion leading to muscle hypertrophy.

The exciting take home message is one can expect an increase in stregnth muscle hypertrophy and flexibility following a stretching program that is carried out daily for a minimum of just three weeks. A common theme for most believe is that stretching prior to hysical activity is beneficial. However there is now a substantial amount of scientific evidence to suggest strength is negatively impacted post stretching.

There are three main types of stretching static, ballistic and PNF static is thought to be the safest in regards to muscle injury whereas ballistic and PNF are very beneficial to improve flexibility. It is very important to remember most sporting activities require a high level of strength and flexibility. However when following or prescribing an exercise program a couple of factors need to be remembered. From the current research conducted in a laboratory and you muse know the statements and ask you a couple question.

1. If you require an increase in range of a movement and advice is to perform that movement and advice is to perform the movement multiple time under a lightened load.

2. Do you want increased flexibility and an increase in muscle hypertrophy which it not all will say yes if so then follow a long term daily stretching program.

3. Do you want to be stronger? If so do not perform stretches before lifting or any event that requires you to be streong and explosive.

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