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Stretching and it performance effect

Below you will see tip and trick for stretching

Stretching is a very common aspect from many fitness regimes. Flexibility and strength are required in a common daily activities and are fundamental to many sport. A specific training for flexibility and strength is widely prescribed for those looking to attain greater fitness levels, quality of life and physical ability. Flexibility can be affected by a few factor including over activity, inactivity or injury.

In addition there is a large genetic aspect to flexibility. A common theme for most to believe is that stretching prior to physical activity is beneficial. However, there is now a substantial amount of scientific evidence to suggest strength is negatively impacted post stretching. This can be seen on a day to day basis on the sporting field or in the gym. For examplke walk into a gym and perform a few static stretches then lift. If you are guilty of this as you have been in the past you have to read for improve your performance by learning when yo stretch and how to stretch.


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