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Stretch and Flex for your horses

Below you will see a great tips for stretch and flex for your horses

Stretching is really important because, as well as releasing the muscles across your horse’s back, it also encourage him t take the contact down rather than evading the bit by dropping behind the vertical or sticking this head in the air. When it comes to asking for bend, you are looking for your horse to make a consistent shape throughout his whole body from poll to tail. Bend is not about just pulling his head round to the inside. If you do that you hourse will fall onto his outside shoulder on a circle or turn, which will compromise his balance. To avoid this keep a consistent contact on the outside rein, and use plenty of outside leg to tell your horse you do not want too much bend through his neck and body. If yhhe continues to fall out through his shoulder. It’s time to take a step back. Ask for less flexion and once you have got control of the outside of his body.


It’s really important to be decisive with your aids and very clear about when you want your horse to make an upward or downword transition. To reinforce this us the school markers as points to make your transitions. This will help you prepare use a half halt before the marker to tell your horse something is happening. If he is a little too forward going practise your downward transitions into a corner. The physical barrier of the arena fence will encourage him to respect the request you are making and it has the added advantage of helping your to avoid being too heavy with your hand to get a result as your transitions become more consistent practise them away from the main track. Taking away the security of the edge of the arena will help you check that your transitions are straight.

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