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Storage Solutions and Finishing Touches for your Garage

Below you will see Storage Solution that create finishing tourches for your garage

After you have got the exterior of your garage settled and it’s time to concentrate on the all important interior. The foolproof way to create an organized garage from scratch is to be honest with yourself about how you will really use the space. First remember that although the space will most likely hold a collection of other items it will need to house your cars. A factor that will have a big impact on the layout. A basic one car garage is 12 by 24 feet and most of garage add a space in 12 foot increments. Figure it out on a minimum 9 by 19 foot reserve per car so you can open doors with ease. You should also consider any storeage needs you might have because of its proximity to the outdoors, the garage often is an ideal place to store gardening tools and sports equipment and manugacturers have responded by offering specialized storage units that are a breeze to install. Also remember that hooks shelves rack and bins are a good idea. Prioritize what goes where based on how often you will use an items and label everything to help maintain order.

Finishing Touches: In addition to storage, consider other uses you can get out of your garage. Do you want to install a laundry room or home office in the sapce. Even if you do not intend to implement these features right away. It’s still a good idea to install things like plumbing and electricity as it will be more difficult and expensive to retrofit later. Electrical in your garage and outlet every six feet is a good rule of thumb. Make sure that your garage is on a dedicated circuit, free of interference from hair dryers and appliances. Use four plug outlet boxes to cut down on power strips. Remember that electrical ordinances vary widely so check the codes before designing circuits.

In the terms of bang for your buck, fluorescent light fixtures are still hard to beat. Three well placed with 8 foot fixtures can provide all the lgiht a garage needs and remember to focus task lighting over workbenches and project areas.

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