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Step to Preserving Fruit

Below you will see a great tips to preserving fruit

Preserving can sound tricky and time consuming, yet is surprisingly and easy. LEarn a few basics and before long you will be enjoying the delicious bounty of summer all year while saving a tonne of money and avoiding pointless packaing waste.

You can preserve a glut from your garden or simply buy and preserve fruit when it’s cheap, to be enjoyed when it’s exoensive. You don’t even need to do great batches at a time you can preserve a single jar simply to rescue a fruit bowl that threaten to go off before being eaten. There are a lots of different techniques for preserving but the basic principles remain the same. Jars are heated to kill bacteria and other bugs can spoil the contents and the produce is also heated so that it expands. Once the lid goes on the contents are allowed to cool and contract which suchs the lid tightly on the jar forming a seal that let you to store it at room temperature for long periods. There are several methods for preserving but I’m going to walk you through the open pan or overflow method that requires no special equipment beyond jars and lids and is excellent for small batches.

What kidn of Jars do you need?

You can resue old jam jars for preserve that use plenty of vinegar but for fruit it’s best to invest in proper preserving jars which have lid and screw on rings. The jar are around $4-$5 each new but endlessly reusable. Rings can also be reused, however lids are single use. Lids and rings can be bought cheaply at most supermarkets.

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