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Step to do Fruit in Light Syrup

Below you will see a great tips to do Fruit in Light Syrup

Step1: Prepare the fruit that you want to preserve by washing and then cutting in to halves or quarters and removing the stones.

Step2: Place your clean jars and lids into an oven heated to 120 degree for 20 minutes. I line the racks with tea towels so the sudden change in temperature does not crack the jar. Ensure the jars are not touching.

Step3: Place the sugar and water in a large pot on the stove and heat until simmering. Add the fruit and cook until tender.

Step4: Heat a dish with hot water so it’s not cold enough to shock the jars, then use tongs or oven mitts to pull them out of the oven and place on the dish. Use a clean spoon to fill jars with the very hot cooked fruit.

Step5: Top with syrup to the very brim then slip a chopstick or thin flexible knife down the side of the jar to release any air bubbles and quickly top with syrup until just overflowing. The dish will catch your overflow.

Step6: Carefully place the seal on the jar and then screw the ring down tightly once the jars have cooled completely and you can wash any residual syrup off the outside. Now label and date your jar and palce in the pantry to enjoy at a later date.

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