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Start with the finish

Luxe finished add something special to the heart of your home

Start with the finish

High gloss lacquer is still one of the most popular finishes as it offer a sleek, luxurious feel and contemporary. Luxe kitchen finishes are the top end with state of the art design aesthetics. The finishes are not just aesthetically pleasing. They are also highly functional and of the highest quality making them worth the hefty price tag.

So, what is luxe kitchen finishes can be found in today’s homes? New technologies are always becoming available in the industry, such as internal pull out systems as well as draw or cupboard organisation systems with soft closing. Sinks, washbasins and taps are constantly being altered and improved and finished in new and more user friendly materials.

Laminates, natural stone, quartz surfaces, porcelain and timber are among the most popular for splashbacks, countertops and cabinets. Spaces that seem to encourgae real engagement with the design elements, instead of warding off interatction that might leave evidence such as fingerprints and smudge marks.

For home owners who want to add a touch of glamour, stainles steel and nickel gloss edged drawers and glass framed doors are a popular choice but even with the additional of new material technique and eco friendly option.  It’s style that meets people’s demands for a space that is ordered, functional and ultimately relational. Colour is also an important consideration when choosing a finish. As in previous years, neutrals colour are en vogue. They bring a warm and enduring quality to the overall feel of space, while at the same time creating drama and purpose when needed.

Regardless of which colour palette, materials or style you opt for always consider the warranty, durability, longetity and eco friendly of the finishes. You want to select finishes that will serve the kitchen and your home for at least ten years without looking dated or worn and which will contribute towards a space that make you feel comfortable to inhabit and where you can host guests.



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