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Start being grateful emotionally and physically tips

Below you will see great tips for grateful emotionally and physically tips

1. Consume at least two litres of water daily more if you are doing high intensity exercise

2. Breathe fresh air when possible get out of air conditioned offices for a break during the day.

3. Eat the right foods and make better food choices and be aware of what your body needs.

4. Move the body performing a minimum of 30 minutes walking a day works wonders

5. Rest the body try a combination of a good night’s sleep and resting without sleep

6. Get some vitamin D from the sun. Juset get out in the sun for a short period and enjoy those rays.

7. Cherish your loving relationships

Too many people have carry far too much deadwood around in their lives and this slows them down. Worse it can slow their personal growth. When it comes to personal growth you need to have positive people around you and that will not only support you on your journey but pick you up if you fall and assist you with your life’s lessions.

When you streee and your are stressing over things that just are not worth stressing about? If you have a personal scale of graitude of what is really important to us then we will find that a lot of your stressful situations really are not that stressful at all. For example is the thing you are stressing about affecting, or going to affect our health. If you have health everything else should be manageable. If you have all experiences where when you are sick and you tend to forget about what you are in fact stressing about purely because your health becomes number one. Do not this prove that you need to truly be grateful for your health. If above reason with you then may be it time for you to take a review of your life and you are truly grateful for? If you need to only be frateful for your health but the health of your loved one. Appreciate the people you have around you and fully enjoy their presence. If you have other around you that you really do not enjoy the company of. Keep them at arm’s length if you can. Sometime family members can fall into this category but because they are famly then put up with it.

Taking stock of many areas of your life and what you would miss if it were taken away is a good place to start on your gratitude lists.

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