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Updated SpyMyFone Coupon Code Lists

1. Save $10 Off on SpyMyFone iOS Spy Version

2. Save $20 Off on SpyMyFone Android Spy Version

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1080P Cube clock wifi hidden camera

2 Solution for Wireless Security Cameras without Internet ACCESS

If you are the one that need internet to use Wifi Surveillance security camera, and the answer could be Yes and No because it depends on how you use wifi security cameras.

Solution 1: If you don’t have internet or network connection you can try a wireless security camera system from Reolink if you don’t have internet or network in your house or in your long range farm, workshop or at your warehouse. All you need is surveillance and monitoring that plase and it can be dome easily with wireless video cameras with no interent connection. All you need to do is to get whole wireless security cameras system that come up with Wifi NVR which stand for network video recorder and several wifi surveillance cams.

Solution 2: If you have internet connection you have to try wireless security IP Camera. If you have internet connection but you don’t want Wifi Camera to use the daya becuase it could eat up your bandwidth you have to try wireless security IP Camera. For the recommended wireless security IP Cameras is waterproof IP66 Wireless Security IP Camera which you can put it outside or inside your house by connect it to your router wirelessly. By connecting it yo your router it does not mean that your cameras will use your network when it’s work.

Compare Smart DoorBell

Nowadays, there are a lot of Doorbells company that provide a variety design and feature of doorbell products. Doorbell is a home automation gadgets that tend to have a technology for our future. Let’s start with the design of each doorbells products first.

SkyBell HD: Doorbell from SkyBell has similar round with 2 types which are Brushed Aluminum HD and Oil Rubbed Bronze HD with silver metallic design.

Ring Pro: Ring Pro have model with very smaller design for 4 difference color panels. You can select doorbell color with your front door color.

Ring Doorbell: Ring Doorbell was the first wireless video doorbell in the United State which it’s design is bigger when compare with other doorbell brand.

August Doorbell: This brand design have more solid and make it look expensive. You can also select a colors for your order for example metallic color to match with your door.

Video Quality for each brand

SkyBell HD offer 1080p Camera and become the best video quality which you can see from youtube example. It provide clear and colorful image.

Ringdoorbell provide 720p camera and it’s not full HD. It’s good enough to see who stand in front of your door.

RingPro offer 1080p video quality like SkyBell HD but when you compare RingPro with Ringdoorbell the vision seem to be darker if you select non pro version.

August Doorbell offer 960p video quality

Audio Quality

For the winner for audio is Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring DoorBell is the best in sound response and sound quality. And most of problem for audio quality is delay time and Ring Doorbell almost don’t have any delay for audio.

SkyBell HD for sound have delay in about 1 second and overall sound for SkyBell HD is perfect.

August DoorBell got the biggest delay among all the doorbell. For sound is delay for 1 or 2 seconds.

The best real time live Stream Doorbell

The winner for real time live stream doorbell is SkyBell because SkyBell provide detecting feature and you can also enable it and setup with sensitivity approximately with trigger 5 up to 10 feet from the doorbell. These feature able to detecting and notify when people or animals nearby your door and able to record video.

Night Vision

The winner of night Vision still SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD offer clear, colorful picture at night and this happen because SkyBell HD have LED Light at the top of doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Pro have infrared LED Light vision which you can’t see in color but picture is still clear enough to see.

August Doorbell don’t have and light or LED light so you will not see anything.

SkyBell WiFi Doorbell

Below you will see guidelines for purchase goods and services plus cost saving benefits are from the follow information below.

1. First of all you have to comparison the product that you select with the same type by think about the main product used interchangeably. If the product that you select is more expensive, you just turn to but the same product at cheaper price and similar quality.

2. Two is comparison shop. Nowadays, there are many shop and there are a lot of competition in the field with high value. Consumer should compare the products and services of various stores because of both in term of price and quality. By the way, consumer should check out the advertisement and visit more than one shop.

3. Three is Regard to the necessary value and quality of the product that should take into account on the needs and the price value. The product quality are also important when you decide to purchase something.

4. Four is Regard to the season. Shopping in a season will allow consumers to buy goods at a cheaper price because there is so much volume in the market. Competing sellers offering to meet the needs of consumers. Create bargaining power to consumers in order to have empowering consumers to buy more.

5. Five is about Consider the price per unit of product. Price per unite of product means the product of the unite standard. Used to compare different brands and sizes. Comparison with similar product but have different size such as shampoo brand A have 200g and brand b with 250g by compare the unit price that divided by the volume or weight.

6. Six is about quantities. If you have a chance and can buy in a large quantities you should do it. People who buy small united must pay their money higher than people who buy in a large quantities because the larger united will have price per united cheaper that single unit. However, when you buy products you should concern about use them so do not buy in a large volume if you do not use it.

7. Seven is about after sales service. When you buy some product such as computer, appliances, automobiles and etc. The factor that you should considered in addition to price should be buying a product that can be used without causing problems. Moreover, it have a good after sale service.

Tips to select Cleaning Robot Product

All of you why have read this article may decided to have one cleaning robot products or interesting about vacuum robot cleaning products. Cleaning robot products is another choice for many people who tired from using mop and you also do not know that it is clean enough for you or not. Below you will see general robot vacuum cleaner information and technical to to select the right vacuum robot for you.

Tip 1: First of all we will talk about Design of robot that can attract your first attention via design of robot. Most of cleaning robot nowadays will have modern look stylish. Moreover, robot vacuum cleaner can clear your dirty floor but it can effect your home decorate also. Design of robot are important if you want your house to have modern look.

Tip 2: Second of all is about the price of robot because it is the first priority before make purchase one cleaning robot product. You must be thinking of the truth that nothing good at low price in our world. For low price of vacuum robot cleaning product can also clean your floor and they will have different function and some version can not clean your floor very well and may leave some dust on your floor. So you should compare price and function of cleaning robot before you buy it.

Tip3: Functions work. Function of robot that you’re going to select is also important because some robot that have a lot of function may consumption a lot of batteries. After you look at function of robot then you should look at batteries because batteries must go with function. For recommendation of capacity at 2200mA battery. Below you will see function that adding to vacuum robot cleaning products.

– Back to Charge Batteries by it’s self when battery low
– Able to set Function work schedules
– Have UV
– Prevent crash landing and wall bumper with remote control

Tip 4: After sales service. After sale service is very important because if you have any problem about your robot you must ask them and if you have any question they must operating time for you to provide answer for you. After sale service is also relate with vacuum robot cleaning product part because if your robot break down and need to replace part so you can claim with them.

Tip 5: Distribution Company. You should have to buy vacuum robot cleaner over the website because robot vacuum cleaners are difficult to find in normally store. Purchase from individuals or companies that you can ensure that you are not being deceived. There is a confidence and there are certainly parts ready to be send to you when the problem occurs.

Note: Before you buy any cleaning robot product you should find review from website and web board in order to make sure that you will go into the right direction.


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