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Spice Up Your Life with 3 Ingredients

Below you will see a great 3 ingredients that already in your kitchen

Tastes good that can have skin benefit? and it is a best part which already in your kitchen.

Chinnamon: Think cinnamon is only a doughnut flavour? Think it again because this super spice has been proven to have anti bacterial properties as well as being useful for an upset tummy. Just add a teaspoon of natural cinnamon powder when making your before school banana smoothie for an instant flavour zing and to boost your immune system.

Vanilla Bean: It tastes kuje uce cream and it good for you. Yes and yes vanilla bean contains high levels of antioxidants and anti bacterial properties so it’s great for your skin plus it keep the flu at bay. So next time you bake cupcakes split the vanilla bean and use the seeds to sweeten up the icing.

NutMeg: Not only does it smell great but this spice is really good for you. Inside and out, just use for teaspoon of nutmeg added to a batch of cookies will give them a tasty flavour and it’s also know to be great for menstrual cramps. Plus nutmeg’s anti inflammatory properties make for an easy homemade blemish treatment when mixed with honey.

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