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Solar Storm Hitting Earth?

Big solar storm hitting Earth

sun explore solar storm
The breaking news for our earth now is a big solar storm that hitting our earth. Normally, the sun always explore solar flare that each explore can effect on GPS, on satellite, on power grid and many more. Now we will read what is the sun doing out there?

What are solar flares?

Solar Storm from Sun

Solar Flares that come out the the sun explore in each spot can disturb radio signal in communication especially high gratitude radio signal. When the sun explore not only disturb radio signal but also send the solar wind, electron, proton that can energize the earth itself. It face the sun send the solar wind that hit the earth for a billion of year but now we have a technology that can be damage by the solar wind with the big CME which come from Coronal, Mass and Ejection that can make we lose a power of grid, we could lose satellite, GPS and many more. If you think that Geomagnetic Storm is being fun because we can see the northern light but these can effect in our electrical grip. It can turn our satellite off or you have to manually turn them on when it have too much energy. Let’s think about our world that do not have satellite or even GPS what it will happen? We will lose communication and a lot of thing could be shut down with the big CME with the worst case scenario but it can happen.

What contain is solar storm from SUN?

The basically when the sun explore it will contain hydrogen with 7.8% helium and giant ball of gas with 92.1% after the explosion it will spits out which contain magnetic that call coronal mass ejection which can harm our satellite, GPS and radio signal.

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