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Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite

Below you will see fact about Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite

Low in fat with high in protein and easy to stash in the tearoom fridge. What’s not to love about packaged sambo meat? Try sodium nitrate and nitrite which extend the shelf life of packed deli meats and poultry. It’s the same chmical used to prevent botulism. The real concern is how it behabes when it mixes with your blood’s haemoglobin. It forms methaemoglobin which in high levels has been associated with clinical indications. Processed meats accounted for less than 10% of dietary exposure to nitrites which are more commonly found in begies and fruits and fruit juices.

Risk Factor with the metabolites are oitentially harmful. Studies have shown the link between increased level of nitrates and increased deaths from certain diseases. From the study that you can see in an online about American Cancer which found that patients who consumed diets high in dietary nitrite and additional nitrite from cured meats had a 29 per cent increased risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer. To be toxic, however you would need to eat around 3,236 mg per kilo which the toxicity for plain old sodium kicks in at 71 mg, so you can see how miniscule the risk is deemed to be. They also have a short half life meaning that they leave the body quickly.

How to spot it?

It’s not easy to dodge these additives according to nutrition agitator. The purported nitrate and nitrate free products can contain natural sources. Natural preservatives may even up the nitrate nitrite quotient. The real concern is not what it does on its own but how it behaves when it mixes with your blood’s haemoglobin.

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