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Social Media can motivate your exercise and eat healthy

Below you will see a few tips by using social media to motivate your exercise

Social networks can influence both the foods that you eat and how you choose to exercise. May be a strong word but with becoming more and more intertwined without any form of face to face connections. This is influencing the choices we make on a daily basis and the waywe live your lives overall.

Below you will see how it work

Everyone know facebook right? When you log onto facebook and read about your friend or a friend’s friend new 12 week diet and fitness challenge. By reading their regular posts and watching their physical transformation. The cycle of influence begin the seed is planted in all who read the posts. Chances are you, your friend and your friends of your facebook friends will start to whether its consciou or unconscious. Evaluate their own dietary and exercise practices and how they can gain similar results.

If you are already a highly motivated person who lives and breathes nutrition and fitness and why not pay it forward via social media which it can help other people become healthier and more conscious of what they eat. You could plant the seed for fun and effective exercise activities. By using inspiration as a selling point to people on your social network and lead by example. Post links to awesome site that motive you. Pinterest your favourtie motivational quotes and images, upload your own personal progress via instragram or start your own fitness blog.

Use social media contact to encourage other people on your social media website to get involves in charitable fitness event. Be open and aware though that not all people will feel as strongly as you do like mountain hikes or salivate at the sight of a cacao chia seed coconut ball recipe. But keep in mind that people who view your enthusiasm negatively may still indirectly achieve something positive from your willingness to share your healthy outlook on life.

Social media influence on your diet and exercise is not purely limited facebook. The internet is a goldmine of information. New and inspiring fitness motivators are abundant and fitness and nutrition app are continuously uploaded, leaving no excuse for lack of inspiration. Easy to install and use. They are generally very affordable or even free. The ways in which people we are linked to by association influence your daily lives is extensive. What has been mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. Never underestimate the influence your health behaviour has over other. Social media has the potential to generate a wave of positive health and fitness motivation globally . Initiate physical fitness challenges and share healthy food recipes with those in your social media network to spread your contagious positive health vibes for other to catch.

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