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Slick Case is a website that you can find and order a unique styles and tech savvy gadgets to high end Apple users. If you have a chance to visit Slick Case website you will find their products that separate into categories for example MacBook Cases, iPone Cases, Accessories Apple Watch Cases, Apple Watch Accessories, Graphic Cases, Glass Case, iPhone Accessories, Custom MacBook Air & Pro Cases, Custom Photo MacBook Cases, Custom iPhone Cases, Custom Photo iPhone Cases and many more for you to shop from Slick Case website. Slick Case is a global tect accessories brand that reaching over individuals in 52 Countries. Slick Case become platform to connect individual through expressing their individuality and personal style through tech accessories.

Not only offer unique design for tech and fashion enthusiasts who are passionate about quality, diversity and creativity but Slick Case also giving away Slick Case Coupon for you which you can apply Slick Case Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter Slick Case Coupon which current Slick Case Coupon can save your money up to 35% off plus free shipping on all order. Below you will see active Slick Case Coupon Code.

Compare Design Cases Store Promotion

  • Slick Case – Slick Case is a website that you can order a variety design and unique style of Apple Accessories at best price on the internet. If you have a chance to visit Slick Case website you will find their products that separate into categories for example Macbook Air Cases, Macbook Pro Models Case, iPhone Cases, Apple Watch Cases, Custom Macbook Case, Custom Photo Macbook Cases, Custom iPhone Case and many more for you to shop from Slick Case website. For strength point from Slick Case website is a variety design of cases that you can order online at their website. For another strength point from Slick Case website is coupon for getting discount at their store which can save your money up to 35% off plus free shipping on all order.
  • Casetify – Casetify is a website that you can find and order a variety of design cases for you to shop at best price on the internet. If you have a chance to visit Casetify website you will find their products that separate into categories such as iPhone Cases, Apple Watch Bands, iPad Covers, iPod Cover, Samsung, Macbook Sleeves and many more. For strength point from Casetify website is a variety of custom case design that you can not find anywhere else. For another strength point from Casetify website is coupon for getting discount at their store which can save your money 10% – 40% off plus free shipping on all order.
  • Case123 – Case123 is a place that you can shop premium leather holsters designed with a case for all smartphone and tablets. When you visit Case123 website you will find their products thats eparate into categories for example Apple iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy Cases, LG GOogle Nexus, HTC and many more for you to shop at their store. For weak point from Case123 website is all about their products which less than their competitor. For strength point from Case123 website is coupon for getting discount at their store which can save your money up to 10% Off.

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How to Select the Right Audio and Speaker?

Have you ever buy home theater from store and you don’t like sound quality? What is the reason that make your audio and stereo have sound no pleasant for listening to music. These problem are the main cause for everyone who do not enough knowledge about audio and speaker product. First of all you must understand that what the duty of each audio equipment for and what is quality of sound for appropriate to use. Select audio for yourself is art and science and it is not simple as you think. On the other hand walking into audio shop and tell your budget is the thing that you should not do because it will waste a lot of money in your pocket.

Head Unit

Head unit can also call Front which most of audio professional put it as first priority because it will show the sound quality.

Stereo for listening music should use for listening music only because if you use stereo to watch your movies you will receive low quality sound and it will make your movie become boring because it will lack of resonance. In additional you should select stereo that have variety of functions because it will create a sound that have a bit higher quality which usually have minimum of 4 volts of power for amps.

How to select Home Audio?

If you want to get a good set of stereo sound for your family vacation or for yourself in order to make the perfect holiday for you. Today we have a great tips for purchase home audio from experience of industry leading audio.

Most of professional will start with set default setting for DVD disc listening and tv viewing or radio listening. Understand the amplifier home audio products is one of the best technical but it cost a lot. Below you will see practical tips in order to use amplifiers for home stereo for save time and money.

Tip 1: Make sure that you have clear specific needs of your stereo amplifier before you begin search for your new stereo amplifier. Capacity and format of each amplifier to vary according to specific needs.

Tip 2: The quality of sound of home theater will depends on the power and sound quality which contrary to the belief of many people that assess a higer power (Normally 30 – 150 watts) which its not necessary. Distortion level is also important.

There are 2 types of distortion of the sound that occures under two circumstances below.

1. When amplifiers can not supply the current required (Current Limited).
2. When the amplifier run out the voltage output (Called a cut).

Tip 3: Always read the products review that usually posted on the website. For top brand name such as Yamaha, Ken-wood, Sony and etc. This is top brand name of home theater product which well known in sound industry and have a lot of review and feedback from the buyer. It’s advantage for you to read before you decide to make purchase one of these top brand name. You can learn pros and cons of sound home theater from general use.

Tip 4: Revise price comparison website are also important because it’s the best way for you to receive lowest price when you make purchase. Compare prices often useful for first time buyers in order to determine the value of the price quoted.

Tip 5: Tips for the best amplifier home stereo that you can find. Home stereo power amplifier with the most flexibility to be able to keep up with technology and time. You can enjoy the benefits of it for a while longer before you need to upgrade to the new one. It may cost more in the short term but for long term it will save you a lot of money.

How to Clean a Clogged Blocked Inkjet Cartridge


How to Clean a Clogged Blocked Inkjet Cartridge

Use this methods only on cartridges with the head built into the cartridge like Samsung, HP, Lexmark and most of Canon. Don’t use in Epson Cartridges, Brother, Canon cartridges without print head. An inkjet nozzle has a diameter of about 45 microns When the cartridge become empty, the ink trapped in the nozzles is exposed to air form the outside and inside. The ink begins to dry and when ink dry the forms a slug of solid material in the nozzles. What you see on the paper in skipping, banding or no print at all.

7 Way to clean Blocked Clogged Ink Cartridges

1. Remove the clogged cartridge from your printer and unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. Use a clean soft cloth with alcohol to clean the electrical contacts inside the carriage of the printer. Locate the copper-colored electronic circuit strip on the cartridge. Wipe them with isopropyl alcohol. Run the print head cleaning utility that came with your printer.

2. Locate the print head on the bottom of the cartridge, where the ink comes out from the cartridge. Gently and slowly wipe off any dried or crusty ink, with a cloth dampened with water. Whenever possible, use distilled water especially if you have hard water or are concerned about mineral deposits from your tap water.

3. Hold the ink cartridge head under a stream of hot water for some minutes then dry the cartridge and reinstall in the printer.

4. Fill a saucer with hot water. If he print head is badly clogged so you can add a small amount of ammonia, bleach or soap. After that place the cartridge in the solution for about 2 hours, or more. * Note that the cartridge is put in so that only the head is under the water. Water should not be boiling. After that dry the cartridge and reinsert into the printer.

5. Place some old newspapers in the counter of the sink. Hold the print head under a water tap running warm water for 10 minutes. Place your finger over the tap to create back pressure. This step will allow you to squirt the water into all crevices of the print head. Then dry the cartridge and reinsert print head into the printer.

6. These option you must be very carefully because you have to use compressed air in the ventilation hole. The air will force the ink to flow through the print head. Please make attention and do it at open air or put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill. You can also use a syringe or a squeeze bottle.

7. Cover the print head with a damp cloth then attach the hose of a vacuum to the print cartridge nozzles. For only a few seconds at a time then turn on vacuum. Repeat process until ink flows again through the print head. After that blow off the excess of ink with toilet roll.

How to reset canon ink cartridges of print head and reset error
How to Reset and Cancel Error with Canon Ink Cartridges
In most cases that we found of canon ink cartridges, if you have ink out error or your cartridge not recognize message. If you press and hold stop, reset button, ok or resume button on your printer for 10 seconds or more and your printer may continue under the ink out condition. If this method is not works for you so you can try this option below.

You must have 4 different cartridges and it no important if it empty. Each Canon Cartridges has a chip with the serial number. Each printer also have an internal memory and that remembers the serial numbers of the cartridges that you use. Therefore it can happen if you recently refilled the cartridges and it is stated to be empty. But the memory of your printer that usually remember only the last 4 cartridges. So you you are now inserting the succession 4 different empty cartridges or not and after that the recently refilled one. The printer should be recognize and accept it. You can take out the empty cartridge that you want to refill it after that put the first cartridge in the printer then allow the printer to recognize the new cartridge. After you let the printer recognize the first cartridge then take first cartridge out and replace with the second cartridge and let printer to recognize it again. Do like these until you reach 4 cartridge. Take the fourth cartridge out, now place the refilled cartridge back in the printer. The empty cartridge error message should be reset.

How many factor that you should concern before you decide to buy printer?

1. Task that you need to used such as black, white or plain
2. How many often that you use your printer (use everyday or once a week)
3. Heavy duty or not
4. Budget that you set to buy your printer which can help you making your decision much more easier

Before you deciding to buy a printer, you should answer four question above which these will help you choosing the right printer and worth your money.

When you get the right answer now let see the information of printer products. For fist question will separate into two answer which are printer inkjet and printer laser. If you select color printer you should buy printer inkjet but if you want pure black and white printer the best option is printer laser. Second is how often that you use you printer? If you use once a week it will make your print head can not use because of your ink will become dry. If you are the heavy duty types which can estimated every 100 up to 1000 sheets per day. For the recommendation for heavy duty use of printer is high price because printer machine will have durable than cheaper one.

Knowledge about Ink and Toner

Knowledge about Toner and InkMany people may wonder what is the different between real ink cartridges and fake ink cartridges. Here is the answer about real ink cartridges and fake ink cartridges which these answer not intended to harm any business but to educate consumers before desire to order refill ink cartridges. First is genuine ink cartridges which it is a ink that come from genuine printer ink products which provide quality of ink cartridges that suit the quality of each printer model.

For fake ink cartridges is an ink that produce from a company that copy the products like genuine ink which it is illegal and the price is much more cheaper than genuine ink cartridges. Some may sell fake ink in real genuine ink price.

Refill ink cartridges can be found in it resources center or you can order online via internet. The objective from using refill ink is to save your money and nowadays smallest printer types have price near refill ink cartridges which these make refill ink cartridges become much more interesting.


Refill Ink CartridgesWhat is Toner. The answer is ink which toner contained in a cylindrical plastic powder which use for laser printers. How many types of toner in the market? Genuine Toner are sold by dealers which the design of package of toner is depend on manufacturer. Nowadays, there are a lot of fake toner and buyer need to beware of fake toner. You can find Toner equivalent or replacement toner in the market which have price from $30 up to $60 or more. For Toner Refill is use the old toner cartridges that run out of ink and refill toner cartridge from shop

There are 2 methods to refill your toner cartridges

First of all your can hold and pour ink into the hold and close the hole which it is bad idea because you can not checked out the old part and scrap that have the rest of ink inside your printer. You can not clean waste powder and these may cause laser printer damage.

Second types is refill your toner cartridge from recycle by plug off all part of your toner cartridge and if you can which part is not good you just replaced it. After you check your cartridges then refill your cartridges assembly back into the same place. For refill by recycle types is not harm any damage to your printer but your work may not get 100% perfect because of the quality of refill toner cartridge.

How to select PrinterHow to select Printer

First of all when you select printer model you must compare with the model that you want, work print, graphics and photographs which each photographs require different printer. If you want to print picture or graphics which you should select inkjet printer.

Many years ago, owning a printer machine is very hard because each part of printer is very expensive and more than that it expensive than PCs. Several years ago the price of printer is drop dramatically. For Particular inkjet printer models has been promote and sale at low price.

For the type of printer which have three major categories which represent the behavior of it own. The first one is dot matrix printer which is traditional printer technology and you can said that it is prototypes of typewriter. Dot matrix printer is not popular as ever but a lot of products nowadays use dot matrix. Most of account manager used to printed on paper with a copy of the multiple sheets.

The secound printer is a laser printer which laser printer quite popular for business and private home. Laser printers usually use in office which the technology of laser printer can print in black and white only.

For third types of printer is inkjet printer which inkjet printer is the most popular types of printer. Inkjet printer is the best selling types of printer and most profitable printer to printer manufacturer. For these types of printer need to look at the use of the user because ink cartridges from these types of printer is quite expensive. In terms of print quality for now must be inkjet printer because they have developed a system to print with 4 color, 6 colors and 8 colors which these can reduce the problem of the color combinations of the primary colors in four color printing and sometime it mixes out and it still does not match the natural shades. For multi-color printing system which have advantage of making the color to print have little more natural.

Many people understand the increasing the number of color to be used when printing with more ink and this must be the answer. For the resolution of these types of printer is select the appropriate view to the current static compared to the resolution must be at least 1200 x 600 dpi. For normal use must not lower than these resolution. For graphic work must have resolution around 4800 x 1200 dpi and up to 9600 dpi.

For the size of paper inkjet printers have a standard size is A4 which is commonly used by home and office. For graphic professional usually use compatible printer with A3 size paper.

For the channel of installed parallel usually use USB 1.1/2.0 in most cases and also use USB inkjet model with high speed. Nowadays inkjet printer is design to support a large quantities which it can also connect to the network for your convenience. For conclusion on how to select your printer is depend on your types of usage and you budget because some types of printer have very expensive price for ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

The things that you should consider before order printer

Below you will see useful information about how to select printer in order to get the most advantage.

1. Demand

Demand of using printer is important not only printer but it include on all equipment that you want to purchase because it is not a product that can change frequently like cell phone and etc. So when you are thinking to but printer or electronic machine. The first thing that you should consider is “the purpose to use that machine” such as use as student, use for work, use for artwork and etc. For example is you are student and you have to use your printer and print it in a several hundred page. Mono Laser Printer is probably the best answer for your solution.

2. Budget

Budget are also important which you have to put your budget first in your mind in order to help you advance the narrow down options of your printer and can also help you get the best answer. For example if you have budget around $200 up to $300, the users will have the option of three different inkjet which are Mono Laser Printer, Color Laser Printer and Mono Multi function.

3. Capabilities of your Printer

Actually, this is a sensible idea for the first and second that mention above because the ability of the printer is good or not depend on the types of printer that you want to purchase plus budget in your hand and compare it. In this section we will discuss in the follow topic below.

– Typing Speed. The speed of printer will become the first discuss topic because when you buy printer the per minute print speed of the printer will be an average of around 15 to 40 pages per minute (A4). Price will be higher if you printer can print very fast.

– DPI or Dots Per Inch is resolution printing in each work from your printer which most of printer have average of DPI around 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with a standard. However, if you notice some inkjet printer have resolution very high up to 4,800 dpi but the resolution of printer is not equal to Laser Printer that have less dpi. The reason that why Laser Printer have better resolution when compare with Inkjet printer is technology and ink that used in printing Laser Printer which have better quality.

– New technologies. This topic is called an extension id deciding. In the world of printer, it have a strange new technology to work together and it will add something new and increase ability. For example “Duplex Printer” that able to Print your paper for both side or some brand name that promote that technology by order printer via mobile phone by connect a printer to print with Wi-Fi.

– Design of Printer. The design of printer come with a ability of printer. Although the printer can not be torn away from the traditional look but there are a lot of printer brand name try to put a little beauty on their printer such as add more color, add more shade, add more picture. These thing can increase impress at the first sight and increase opportunity to purchase more than a half.

4. Worthiness

The significance did not seem to go down to the value of use which each printer that worth or not is depend on you because “worth the money or not is depend on you use it or not.” If you purchase your printer can you use it all function it is call “Worth Money”.

Ink is about to get quite of lot of attention because ink is always calculated as the value of this type od not. How many ink that your printer consume per print work? The price of Laser Printer Cartridges have price around $100 up to a thousand. On the other hand, inkjet printer ink cartridges have cheaper price. It’s depending on the brand that you purchase ink cartridges and cost for each model. In a sence of buying printer model must take into account on the price of the ink cartridges. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money for buying ink cartridges for your printer.

Material. All types of printer machine have plastic material and it is called virtually all machine or combined with iron and some build in combination. First question is why plastic? The answer would be it’s easy to move and it’s easier for users to touch it.

5. After sale services

After sale service is very important for your consider because Printer will have problem even it is very expensive. For example of problem computer can not connect to a printer, paper jam, drum break, can not print and many more. Some printer brand name have a good after sale service and can repair in case of the insured. The insurance can also range from the one year to three years. Sometime, user may repair their printer at their service center near their home. So do not overlook after sale service before decide to purchase printer.

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