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Sleeping fewer Problem

If you are the one that feeling tough to get out of bed each moring so you should read article below


By making over your slumber habits and you can enjoy a higher standard of sleep and maximise your health now and in the future.

Do you often slip between the sheets only to struggle with issues such as being unable to off and having restless dreams or waking too early? Do not ignore your sleep hiccups as they could compromise your current and future health. Restful slumber is essential it is the foundation of good health. During you shut eye million of your cells repair and renew themselves and your body produces chemicals that boost your immunity. That mean that losing too much sleep could put you on a fast track to all manner of ailments.

Getting the balance right

The first thing that you should getting your balance right. Sleeping fewer than seven hours a night triples your risk of succumbing to a cold, according to the research. In the long term to little slumber can also put you in the frontline for health problems such as weight gain and heart disease. From the research show that going for 24 hours without sleep leads to reduced hand eye co-ordination similar to having a blood alcohol. Most sleep experts gree that the optimal amount of sleep is between seven and eight hours a night that does not mean you should overdo it. People who sleep more than eight hours die younger. From the study with involving more than 1 million people. It’s not yet clear why. The increase in food cravings you may feel when sleep deprived is not simple caused by your body’s need for more energy. Too little sleep can cause a resistance to leptin, which is a hormone that helps signal that your tummy is full. It can also increase your body level of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite and hunger. In turn this domino effect can increase your desire for carbohydrates like sweet foods which may lead to weight gain.

Too little sleep may also increase risk for cancer, particularly of the colon and breast. Stroke risk jumps by as much as four times and there may be permanent brain impacts from sleep deprivation.

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